Information for shipping and customs for Germany - Health & Cosmetics

Information for shipping and customs for Germany

Dear customer,

The following customs and import information are only for buyers from Germany!

First of all: due to random sampling, the risk of confiscation by customs in Germany is only about 2-5%.

Like all other online shops, we ship Counterpain exclusively from Thailand! Counterpain is not available in Germany.

The following import regulations apply only to the private buyer in Germany, but not for the local doctors and pharmacists.

The ointment Countepain was declared in 2011 in Germany according to the German Medicines Act (AMG) not allowed. Why, we can not explain ourselves. Probably by the lobbyists. Counterpain is a very good ointment against muscle strains and overstrained muscles, and is worldwide (except Germany) an over-the-counter ointment with all-natural ingredients. We will shipping Counterpain exclusively from Thailand to Germany. The import to Germany is not allowed for the private buyer. However, you can make a shipping agreement with your family doctor or pharmacist by addressing the ointment for home buyers to your doctor or pharmacist, and delivery would be safe. For pharmacists and doctors, the import is permitted by their medical approbation.

This import regulation applies only to Germany. All other EU countries as well as Switzerland, this import regulation does not apply, and thus there are no customs problems. We would just like to make it clear that in case of seizure by customs in Germany, the private buyer takes the full risk. We also do not refund any goods. However, should the German Customs return the goods undamaged to the sender (no seizure), we will refund the costs, of course. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer. With the purchase the buyer accepts these conditions.

The delivery time is usually around 8-20 days worldwide.
During Christmas and Easter, as well as public holidays, the delivery time may be delayed (20 days).

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