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What is Counterpain?

Here you will find sufficient information for one of the best painkillers counterpain against muscle tension and strains, including the handling and application of the ointment counterpain by the company Taisho.


If necessary, apply counterpain hot cintment 2-3 times a day over a gentle, circular and even massaging until complete absorption of the ointment through the skin.

Only suitable for external applications, for acute treatments over a few days.

Valuable tips:

Do not use in front of the sauna, in front of sun lamps or solariums. Do not use the ointment on open wounds, abrasions or sunburn.

Wash hands after use. Do not bring into contact with eyes, mouth, nose or genitals. Prevent children from accessing the ointment.

Product peculiarities and applications:

Counterpain Hot ointment has a pleasant warming effect on the skin, with a pleasant fragrance. It is free of grease and colorless and therefore leaves no stains on clothing.

Counterpain is well tolerated even on sensitive skin


  • Methyl salicylate 10.2%
  • Menthol 5.44%
  • Eugenol 1.36%

Counterpain Hot - ointment is an anti-pain cream that creates a pleasant feeling of warmth on the skin. It is suitable for the rapid treatment of mild muscle pain, pain in sore muscles or cramps, pain in the tendons or joints (including swollen joints and tennis elbow, rheumatism and arthritis), relieving strain, strain, sprains or bruises as well as general sports injuries.

It can also be used to treat stiffness as well as bruises of any kind.

For who is this product particularly suitable?

Counterpain hot ointment is designed for all those people who have muscle, joint and muscle. Suffer from body aches and want to relieve them via a warming cream like and fast. This includes in particular pain after sports activities as well as age-related joint pain, stiffness and bruises.

Have side effects of counterpain been observed?

Counterpain Hot - Counterpain Cool or Counterpain Plus

Counterpain ointment has no side effects when used at the recommended daily dose.

Always according to the manufacturer, medical professionals or published literature. It is the responsibility of every visitor to our website to get their own idea of ​​the product and its benefits, and to seek the advice of trusted professionals.

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